Вентиляційні системи. Металеві конструкції

Ventilation and smoke removal

Chimneys, stainless steel objects

Aspiration, pneumotransport, steel constructions

Сustom-made products and services

Технологічно-Експерементальний Завод


years of experience


m2 of production facilities


highly qualified workers

Reliability and Productivity

Technologically Experimental Factory TEZ has been supplying ventilation and conditioning systems on Ukrainian market since 2004. Due to the well-organized production process and implemented technology, the factory quickly reached the necessary volumes and high quality of products. Strict production deadlines, constant growth and range extension allowed us to become the biggest producer of ventilation system components.

Modern Facilities

One of the key advantages of TEZ is the ability to produce various custom-made steel products. In the past five years we have been setting up the production line for fire safety systems and adopted modern technologies for welding and metal cutting.

Our qualified team is ready to produce complex steel components for industrial and other applications.

We are flexible, high-tech, and modern.


TEZ Product Range

We produce equipment and accessories for smoke removal and ventilation systems, aspirations, chimneys, standard and custom made products made of ferrous metals and stainless steel.

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